Published on October 19th, 2016

5 Questions to Chris Bartz about Elinvar

Last week, FinLeap launched its newest venture – Elinvar. In a brief interview with CEO and co-founder Chris Bartz, we learned more about the company and its competitiveness. Chris has almost 20 years of experience from the financial industry and is a strong advocate of a strong Fintech ecosystem and the benefits of digitalization. How did the idea behind Elinvar come up?

Chris: The digitalization and exponential growth of technical possibilities is becoming increasingly relevant for wealth management, as it is in other sectors. Many of the players in this field are mid-sized businesses facing the challenge of needing a digital offering to stay competitive but without the relevant tech resources and competencies to develop a solution in house. In addition, tech solutions in this field have to meet high regulatory standards. That is why, we decided to create a platform that combines technology, industry and regulatory expertise to support established discretionary portfolio managers digitalize their business. Please explain in simple words what Elinvar does?

Chris: Elinvar is an integrated solution for a digital offering, customized based on discretionary portfolio managers’ specific investment expertise and individual corporate design. This means that we provide them with a digital solution for onboarding clients, matching clients’ preferences to portfolios, automatically checking and executing orders, communicating with clients, and all other aspects that will ensure a state-of-the-art digital experience. Where did the name Elinvar come from?

Chris: Elinvar (elasticité invariable) is an alloy created in the 1900s that greatly improved the precision of watches and chronometers. This represented such a leap forward that its inventor, Charles Édouard Guillaume, received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work. Working together to the same high standard, our team is committed to enhancing the digital performance of independent asset managers and private banks. In your opinion, what gives Elinvar the competitive edge in the market?

Chris: Elinvar offers established providers an integrated solution by combining leading technology with the financial expertise of a fully licensed partner (subject to the approval of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). Where do you see Elinvar in the future?

Chris: We will have established ourselves as the category leader in this field and will continue to help discretionary portfolio managers throughout Europe digitalize to meet growing customer demand.