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finleap’s management team has vast experience and diverse skills in digital entrepreneurship, the financial services industry, venture capital, management consulting and recruiting. With curiosity, we evaluate innovative fintech business models and develop these ideas into successful companies that have a real impact. We are a reliable and trusted partner and have a strong will to get better every day, by collaborating within the finleap team and all partners of our ecosystem.

Our finleap team

We build our success on outstanding people with diverse backgrounds. Over 1.300 fin and tech enthusiasts from 80 nations work in the finleap group. finleap’s talent attracts a high level of seniority as well as the new forward thinking generation, extensive functional and industry expertise combined with an entrepreneurial passion and love for technology. We love to build companies together with some of the best tech and product brains around the world.

finleap's team in Berlin

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