Published on October 12th, 2015

BillFront’s collaboration with Cloud 66

As a financial technology platform that provides liquidity solutions to the digital industry, BillFront assesses its clientele’s credit worthiness by using more than 100 data variables. It gives ad networks, publishers, and app developers a faster access to their revenues, making the venture a one of a kind financial service. Behind BillFront stands a team of experts in app development, mobile-, and financial services. The challenge faced by BillFront was the fact that in the beginning their engineering team consisted of one person. Since then, they have started to collaborate with Cloud 66, a company that manages configuration and deployment of servers, also running Docker containers, to any cloud. In other words, it helps our venture create, deploy, and manage its web applications.

The partnership between the two companies has grown stronger as BillFront has increased the number of satellite services used and, thus, has become more and more demanding. To make dealing with many services easier, the financial venture has moved on to use Docker. It allows our venture to run “any software, regardless of the used technology, in a uniform way.” It, also, gives BillFront the opportunity to benefit FinLeap by having “nice, pre-packaged, useful pieces of software” which can then be easily shared and used whenever a new venture needs them.

With Cloud 66 and the Docker, BillFront can focus on building new features and allow enough time for its team to grow. It is easier to incorporate a new hired developer into the system if all it takes to run the whole development environment on their machine is one copy-pasted command. Moreover, BillFront and Cloud 66 will continue working successfully together to alleviate problems through constant communication. In fact, the Cloud 66 support team has been helping our venture during this technological change to Docker.

As for the future, BillFront will continue advancing and using new features to become better and quicker. They will, however, continue their creative collaboration with Cloud 66 towards “safer and easier way to manage BillFront services.”