Published on September 26th, 2016

Bits & Pretzels Meets the FinLeap Family

Bits&Pretzels also called the Founders Festival is currently taking place in Munich, gathering together more than 5,000 participants. The 3-day event aims to encourage relationships between not only founders and investors, but also the media.

A Quick Summary of the Agenda

This year’s conference began yesterday with an opening keynote by actor and startup investor Kevin Spacey. The speech was then followed by more presentations, masterclasses, and the pitch contest.

Day 2 looks even busier than the first day. In addition to the speeches, masterclasses, and the pitch contest, panel discussions, workshops, and even a press conference will be a part of the event.

FinLeap’s Presence

Five of our ventures are attending Bits&Pretzels – solarisBank, financeAds International, FinReach, Pair Finance and Clark. Marko Wenthin, Board Member at solarisBank, Christopher Oster from Clark, and Matthias Eireiner, Managing Director at FinReach, were also a part of the speakers line up.

The last day will finish on a happy note with all attendees gathering to enjoy the Oktoberfest in Munich. Every table at the finale will be hosted by a table captain – each attendee can select their most interesting captain. Magnus Lambsdorff, Partner and Chief People Officer at HitFox Group, will participate as one of the captains.