Published on November 1st, 2019

Latest accomplishments and future plans – Cheers to 5 years, finleap!

Interested in learning about finleap’s latest accomplishments and future plans? This autumn, finleap hosted its quarterly meet-up to celebrate its most recent ecosystem-wide achievements and the whole finleap family was invited. This time around, the celebration marked finleap’s 5th anniversary! finleap’s first employee, Ramin Niroumand, celebrated the occasion by traveling back in time and sharing his memories of the early days.

How it all began: The founding story

To celebrate the anniversary in style, Ramin Niroumand, finleap’s CEO, founder and first employee, traveled back in time to share his memories of the company’s founding days in 2014. Everything began with the vision to reshape the future of finance, together and the idea for a vertical company builder in the fintech sector. Initially, finleap had a completely different name – HitFox Fintech GmbH.  

Back then, today’s achievements, such as the founding and acquiring of 17 companies and the development into Europe’s leading fintech hub with over 1000 employees, were merely ambitious goals. The digitalization of the traditional banking industry was at an early stage, and the increasing need for consumers and enterprises for digital financial products offered lots of potential for new business models and technologies to emerge.

The company has grown exponentially since its founding in 2014, and its operational foundations’ have developed, but its founding vision to reshape the future of finance, together remains. At the core of finleap, now and then, stands the top talent that has joined the organization since its initial founding.  

The new finleap abc

The latest news of the ecosystem was the announcement of finleap’s new business structure –  the finleap abc

Here, we break down the new finleap abc: finleap introduced the new business structure with the units finleap asset, finleap build and, finleap connect. The two already existing business units, finleap assets, which manages assets of our portfolio companies and, finleap build, which develops successful fintech companies of tomorrow, will continue their efforts as they do. 

Hello, finleap connect!

finleap connect, however, is the latest addition to the finleap universe and offers fintech solutions to various enterprises in a holistic way. The product and services include existing SaaS and PaaS innovations such as “RegShield”, “SwitchKIT”, “Virtual CFO” and “Digital Bank” as well as new end-to-end financial solutions and products. Further, finleap connect facilitates the seamless integration of finleap infrastructure platforms: solarisBank, ELEMENT and Elinvar.  

“Over the past five years, we have developed finleap from being a company builder to the leading fintech ecosystem in Europe. We see an increased demand in the European market for a comprehensive product offering. In the future, finleap will meet this need and bring together this expertise under the finleap connect brand”, said Ramin Niroumand about the implementation of the new finleap abc. 

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