Published on January 25th, 2016

Clark and its new investors

In June 2015, FinLeap launched its new insurance venture Clark. In its core, Clark wants to transform the complicated insurance area into an understandable, transparent, cheap, simple, and personalized one-stop insurance experience. Thus, Clark provides its customers with the ability to save 40% or more on their insurance as experts check every policy and provide the recommendation to improve it. Not only does our venture Clark provide savings and manageability, but it has also transformed into the insurance platform for millennials and digital natives who can choose offerings from 160 credible insurance companies.

FinLeap’s insurance venture completed its second round of financing by drawing in The Target Global Seed Fund, FinLeap, and ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator together with financial gurus Karl-Heinz Flöther and Dr. Thomas Noth to invest more than 1 million euros and media services. With this investment, our venture was able to pursue the technological development of its digital platform insurance and enlarge its team.

Recently, through the creativity of its business model, Clark attracted a new investor Axel Springer. Dr. Christopher Oster comments on the new opportunity from the investment by saying that, “The investment by Axel Springer enables Clark to build on the recent successes.”

The investment will go especially towards Welt/N24. Thus, the member of the FinLeap family will be connected with an audience that can bring further development.

Through the gained support and investments, Clark is enabled to understand personal situations and recommend the insurance that fits for everyone. The combination of technological innovation and employee expertise makes our insurance venture a successful competitor in the market.