Published on November 20th, 2020

Welcome to the finleap family, deineStudienfinanzierung!

finleap, Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem, welcomes a new addition to its portfolio: The company “deineStudienfinanzierung” becomes part of the finleap family through investment. Launched in 2018, the platform has a clear mission: to enable all young academics to study without financial worries. Sound familiar? Founders David Meyer and Bastian Krautwald pitched deineStudienfinanzierung last year on the sixth season of VOX TV show Die Höhle der Löwen (The Lion’s Den). 

At finleap, we are immensely proud of our diverse ecosystem. From finleap, to the regulated infrastructure platforms and portfolio companies, now two members of the finleap ecosystem are exactly alike. The diversity within our portfolio is one of our strongest assets.  

With this being said, we are very excited to welcome deineStudienfinanzierung to our ecosystem, and to the finleap family! 

deineStudienfinanzierung is an online platform that helps young university students  determine their individual entitlement to options such as education funds, student loans, BAföG, scholarships or jobs in real time. They can then create the necessary application documents completely automatically and have the necessary certificates checked. Thanks to the intelligent process, the student’s financial needs can be covered digitally and easily in just a few minutes. Behind the company is a team around the 24 year old founder and CEO, Bastian Krautwald, who founded deineStudienfinanzierung during his studies. 

Going to university or pursuing secondary education is often the first point of contact to financial services for young adults. As we discovered in our GenZ report, the current youngest generation of digital natives is already one of the fastest growing customer segments in financial services. Those who understand how this generation ticks will be a decisive game-changer in the financial industry. deineStudienfinanzierung knows exactly how to address this group and what it needs. 

The entry into our portfolio is a further step for the young company to be a reliable partner for GenZ. Our large network and many years of experience in building and scaling companies will help the company to grow and fulfill its mission, both nationally and internationally. 

We wish the team a warm welcome to the finleap family and we are happy to have you on board, deineStudienfinanzierung! We look forward to reshaping the future of finance, together, with you. 

Find out more about deineStudienfinanzierung here.