Published on February 21st, 2017

Dining & Fintech: Our Fifth Fintech CEO Dinner

Dining, Drinks and Fintech – what could possibly be better?

On February 15th, FinLeap hosted its bi-annual Fintech CEO Dinner – this time at Soho House in Berlin, sponsored by Pöllath & Partner, our trusted legal advisory firm.

With about 80 leaders of the financial service industry, the event turned out to be a huge success.

The fifth Fintech dinner was initiated by FinLeap as a way to gather political leaders and influencers in the Fintech, banking and insurance industries.

The Fintech dinner began around 19:00 at the Soho House in Berlin. Formerly the seat of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, home to party top brass such as Walter Ulbricht and Wilhelm Pieck, the house is now turned into an exclusive Hotel and Event location, a hot spot of the lively Berlin scene. The guest list for the dinner included members of the FinLeap network as well as the political sphere in Berlin. This time we partnered with the CDU Wirtschaftsrat e.V. as they hosted the “Wirtschaftstag der Innovation” just the same day in Berlin.

Among the attendees were several co-founders of ventures in the FinLeap family including Marko Wenthin from solarisBank, Chris Bartz from Elinvar, Matthias Eireiner from FinReach, Stephan Stricker from Pair Finance, Frank Broer from MoneyMap and Volker Wohlfahrt from Our Swiss ambassador Marc Bernegger also joined the event.

They were all welcomed by FinLeap’s Co-Founder Ramin Niroumand and Dr. Rainer Gerding from the CDU Wirtschaftsrat. Our co-founder emphasized his enthusiasm about the way FinLeap has grown into an industry influencer with more than 400 employees in a few short years. Some of the guests could probably witness this growth, as they attended already the first Fintech Dinner by FinLeap.

Afterwards, a three-course dinner followed, allowing all guests to network and discuss challenges and opportunities facing the Fintech industry.

The evening continued with lively conversations and dynamic networking among the guests. Politicians and Fintech experts mingled and exchanged ideas about the industry. We look forward to our next Fintech dinner in the future.