Erol Turan – Head of Accounting & Treasury at finleap

Merhaba Fins,

When I was approached for this interview, I wondered, “why me?” Well, I grew up in Little Istanbul (or as you probably know it, Kreuzberg/Neukölln) and moved between cities in Germany and switched employers like a modern nomad. But does this empower me to talk about diversity? 

My experience with diversity is more about my journey in a very homogenous world called finance, where I have seen everything from tons of money, to old fashioned mindsets, and prejudices, to inefficiency and boredom (and did I mention money?); everything except diversity and people who like change. Maybe diversity for me is about my current stop, where I work as Head of Accounting & Treasury in a great diverse ecosystem where people like changing things and respect all genders, cultures or other characteristics that sometimes let people divide themselves from others.

What does diversity in the workplace mean to you? 

To put it in a nutshell, a result-driven environment where you are as you are and you get to work together with other professions and cultures – and enjoy doing so.

What do companies have to change or start doing to become more diverse?  

Diversity begins with changing minds and continues with, as one of our P&O colleagues said, stopping with hiring “mini me’s”. 

Why do you think diversity in teams & companies is important?   

Every team and every company should strive to become one of the world’s best. Could you achieve that when you, let’s say, forgo 50% of your ressources (meaning seldomly hiring women)? This simple rule applies for any kind of diversity and you will always need 100% to become one of the best.

What does diversity mean at finleap/in the ecosystem? 

For finleap, diversity is not just a word which you have to use because it is popular and expected, it is one of our core values that you can experience everyday. 

It is great to work with so many people from all over the world and each project has both an interdisciplinary and intercultural team. Here at finleap, what counts is your expertise and their results. 

And when you have external team members or guests visit our office, it is always a great feeling when they are surprised about how diverse we actually are. 

You want examples? 

– Did you know that our Director of Finance is a woman? 

– Did you know that my parents are turkish immigrants?

– Did you know that one of my colleagues on the finance team is actually an archeologist and another one a brazilian lawyer?