Katarzyna Malolepszy – VP Product at ELEMENT 

My name is Katarzyna Malolepszy and I’m VP Product at ELEMENT Insurance AG. I’m originally from Poland but I have been living in Germany for the past 8 years. I have worked in a big data scoring company, in peer to peer lending and in investment and payments. I would define myself as data aware, result driven and an innovative Product Leader. I am passionate about products which solve real problems and which customers love and in order to achieve I build strong product teams – which is exactly what my job asks of me.  

What does diversity in the workplace mean to you?

It means giving everyone the possibility to simply be themselves and never make them feel as if they don’t belong.

What do companies have to change or start doing to become more diverse?

It starts with the hiring process – people usually tend to hire applicants who somewhat feel familiar to themselves, resulting in many clone-like employees. Overcoming that and having an open mind about different backgrounds and experiences is a perfect first step – and maybe the most effective.

Why do you think diversity in teams & companies is important?

Diversity means different backgrounds, different perspectives. For one, that ensures that teams have different ideas to solve a problem – simply because they look at them in different ways. At ELEMENT, we try to not only hire from insurance backgrounds, but also from many other industries. Our diverse teams are our strength, because we think out of the box by default. And – from a strictly economic point of view – if you overlook everyone who is different from you, how many good employees do you miss out on?

What does diversity mean in finleap’s ecosystem?

My first thought when I got these questions was: “I’m not really ‘diverse’”. And isn’t this the best case of diversity you could think of? I’m a female expat, leading a team in development in an insurtech company – and feel perfectly included and not different at all, since our ecosystem is so diverse as well.