Marina Fernandes – Senior Product Owner at solarisBank

My name is Marina and I am originally from Brazil.  After finishing my bachelor studies in Electrical Engineering, I joined the Product Department at Itau, the biggest private bank in Latin America. After 3 great years there, I decided to get to know the world of fintech better and discover why and how they delivered such good products so fast. I am now working as a Senior Product Owner in the Digital Banking Unit at solarisBank.

What does diversity in the workplace mean to you? 

Diversity means that different aspects of a society are able to be represented in a company. It means that a workplace has the ability to equally include a high variety of religions, sexual orientations, nationalities and genders.

What do companies have to change or start doing to become more diverse? 

The most important point for me is to start talking about it and to also acknowledge that this is a crucial matter which always has room for improvements. There is no way to bring diversity in a company that sees no value in it and does not actively search to achieve it. Acknowledging its importance and talking to employees about it will bring room for a diversity action plan.

Why do you think diversity in teams & companies is important? 

There are 2 big aspects that I see as important today. The first one is the culture of the company. A diverse company leads to a work environment that comes with a higher respect between peers, judgement-free opinions and also higher employee engagement, as everybody feels included. The second one relates to the business itself. It’s almost impossible to innovate by always having the same type of people around. One of the biggest factors of success today in a business is to propose solutions by understanding the customers problems, and being a diverse company will help companies reach this with more creativity and with higher speed.  

What does diversity mean in finleap’s ecosystem?

Diversity is something that solarisBank is always cherishing. We celebrate at our Broadcast event every week when we have joiners from different countries coming in (we are already at over 50 nationalities!). Furthermore, I always find it easy to raise discussions around the topic of diversity during meetings and I get great support and feedback from my colleagues.