Ruth Smith – Junior Operations Manager at finleap connect

Hi, I’m Ruth. I am originally from the West Midlands of the UK. Going into my hometown hearing Asian artists singing in Punjabi with snippets of Jamaican Patois to a reggae beat, I really can say I come from a cultural melting pot. I currently work as Junior Operations Manager for finleap Connect. My main responsibilities are supporting projects and overseeing central functions, however my role really has no limitations – so don’t be surprised if you see me doing something out of the ordinary.

What does diversity in the workplace mean to you? 

For me, diversity in the workplace means inclusivity and representation. Having people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives working together in one place is what creates a diverse environment. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

What do companies have to change or start doing to become more diverse?

Personally, I believe companies have to shift their assumption that diversity is passive or organic and that simply “embracing” it will make a large impact. Companies should rather seek to actively work on creating and promoting diverse spaces within their organisation. I think it is also important to acknowledge the many microaggressions or passive statements that can occur regularly, therefore I believe that companies should also put emphasis on training individuals from all levels of the organisation to encourage understanding and recognition of diversity issues and how better to solve them. 

Why do you think diversity in teams and companies is important?

Diversity in teams is not only important but essential, the benefits are endless. However, one that stands out for me is creativity. When you combine people from different backgrounds who have different ideas and learning, they are able to look at the same thing in many different ways, thus improving the creativity of the company subsequently creating better products or being able to solve problems better than homogeneous groups.

What does diversity mean in finleap’s ecosystem?

Diversity at finleap connect means having an openness and understanding of people, whilst creating a safe space to express oneself at work. Everyone is welcomed and celebrated together.