Yuna Morgenstern – Tech Lead for Micro Products at finleap connect

I am Yuna Morgenstern, Tech Lead and Software Engineer with 12 years of work experience. I joined finleap connect last August. My favourite topic in my daily work is simplicity, which I believe automatically produces more quality. In my free time, I teach kids IOT programming at the Hackerschool in Berlin, which I very much enjoy doing because kids see the world much more simply and can ask the right questions without thinking too complexly.  

What does diversity in the workplace mean to you? 

Diversity for me means everything I don’t always see everyday. It can be based on gender, background or even different ways to work. The hard part for me here is to remember to reflect and always question myself. Like why I react differently to a person or a topic, compared to the others. It can be down to laziness, outdated experience/knowledge, being scared of change, my own image, and much more. Mostly, I just like to give everything a try as I like positive surprises 🙂 

What do companies have to change or start doing to become more diverse? 

When I ask companies why they do things like they do, then I often get the answer/excuse/comparison of/about/with Google, Netflix, Facebook and others, which indicates for me that achieving diversity will not be possible for them as they are not thinking for themselves. Not every “trend” suits every company or every department of a company. Getting more diversity means to see the real human behind the “resources”, which is not happening as the fluctuation of employees is really high specially in tech companies. This often indicates to me that the company does not invest in their employees. One of the biggest issues which stops diversity in every company are the nitpicky job interview processes, where companies only try to optimize and automate the process. Most of the time you are reducing the interest in the candidates, caused by less communication. This then comes back to the candidates who will lose interest as well. I personally think companies are missing humanity in their business plans, instead choosing to just focus on numbers. If you want to get more diversity in your products, you need to ask a variety of people from outside of your office/vertical/team to get different ideas. Mostly you will find employees who have also given this some thought about it already but just find it hard to fight for their ideas. I can confirm that it’s really hard and takes months to years to bring an idea from the bottom up to the top in every company. 

Why do you think diversity in teams & companies is important

I can see many companies are doing the same on the market, but only few are having truly different ideas. When a company wants to be different and wants to do something new, then diversity is needed, as you need to challenge the idea from as many viewpoints as you can get. This can level up your company pretty fast and you let your employees have room for ideas. In my work at finleap connect, I see examples of this pretty much every day.