Published on January 11th, 2016

Explaining digital insurance brokerage – The Clark TV Spot

Clark is an online insurance broker that focuses on simplifying the complex world of insurance. By using Clark´s service, customers benefit from easy access to all of their insurance contracts. Instead of paper folders, contracts are conveniently stored in an online portfolio which transparently displays the costs and other contract details. Often, insurance customers suffer from the fact that they are either over- or under-insured, meaning that they either cover risks through insurance that they do not actually face or that they face actual risks which are not covered by insurance. The Clark experts analyse every portfolio and suggest changes that will optimize insurance coverage according to the actual needs of the customers. Thereby, Clark customers can not only be sure to have the best insurance coverage, but they can also save up to 600 euros on insurance.

In a TV spot that started airing on German television in January 2016, the convenience and simplicity of Clark´s service is explained.

Make sure to also check out Clark’s YouTube channel featuring videos with further information on how to simplify your insurance coverage.