Published on February 1st, 2016

financeAds International’s Advice to Other Startups

financeAds International was created in March 2015 as a fintech that combines advertising and finance. A unique combination at first, the venture has been successful in 6 countries and is planning to intensify its market in the UK. The reason for this success is that a gap in advertisement for banks and finance was filled. Banks have a very specific focus on quality sales and their brand: sales bring profit while the brand brings customer loyalty. To serve the focus properly, banks need a specific financial publisher who can deal with unique advertisements designed and altered to fit the banks’ purpose and wants.

Not only does financeAds advertise banks, but the venture also cooperates with other Fintechs. Its uniqueness makes it the best platform for those new Fintechs, because of the venture’s ability to bring Fintechs into the market through acceleration. Our company even has special offers for Fintechs to launch products both in Germany and Internationally.

Moreover, because of the newly born nature of many Fintechs, financeAds offers some advice to the newcomers in the market. A startup has to test things: test the marketing channels; test the investments. After that, the tests have to be evaluated correctly by zooming in on the right circumstances and analyzing them. A marketing campaign cannot be simply defined by a yes or a no for success-a Fintech cannot measure or define success in one word. That is why the company tests, learns, then tests again. If a campaign was not a success, there should always be a but after the no or a lesson learned after the failure.

For the future, financeAds expects influence marketing to be the major area to conquer. Right now, it is a new trend for many categories, but not for finance yet. Other than that, our venture is planning to celebrate its first birthday in March!