Published on February 18th, 2016

financeAds International in Spain

Our blog post on financeAds and its international activities began a series about different countries where our ventures are successful. One of these countries is Spain where financeAds was a pioneer that became an established, trusted, and prosperous company.

We talked to Ignacio Peinado, the Publisher Manager for Spain in financeAds, who explained the uniqueness of the Spanish market and what it really took to become successful in Spain. Ignacio, what exactly do you do as the Spanish Publisher Manager at financeAds?

Ignacio: As Publisher Manager, I take care of establishing the relationships between our publishers and advertisers in all possible channels. I pitch them to others (such as advertisers or other countries for those with international traffic), welcome them to financeAds, advise them on what campaigns fit better for their reach, and guide them through ideas on optimization and improvement. financeAds’ relationship with publishers in Spain is very close. How does that help the business strategy?

Ignacio: It’s all about the personal relationship – knowing the publishers, their needs, and their wants. I want the publishers to be happy, because their win is our win. When did the Spanish part of financeAds begin?

Ignacio: It first started in the Nuremberg office where Paola, a colleague of mine, began it all through hard work and dedication. A strategy on how to open up the Spanish market was developed, and step by step more people joined in on the idea. As one of the openers of our international development, it showed us that it was all possible for financeAds. Now, Spain, as one of the first markets for financeAds internationally, is established and successful How does Spain differ from other markets?

Ignacio: Of course, there are some basic steps and regulations in the financial industry that everyone follows in Europe, but Spain is a completely different target group with different needs and consumption habits. The banking industry there is conservative and has customer loyalty. The traditional banks want to have a partner they can trust and with whom they’ve built long term relationships, they are really careful when starting new ways of advertising. At financeAds, we want to bring new personalized ways of marketing financial products online that corresponds more the the current online habits through our experience and diversity. We can not only advise traditional banks, but also Fintech which helps us innovate in our marketing channels. So, there is definitely a challenge in adapting to the new “century of finance” and teaching others new ways of banking and marketing financial products online. What are some of the upcoming events for financeAds in Spain?

Ignacio: In the beginning of March, we are attending Forinvest in Valencia. Since it’s one of the biggest financial events in Spain, we’ll have the opportunity to pitch and have direct access to others in the financial sector. Then, in April, we have Futurizz in Madrid which is the biggest online marketing event in Spain.