Published on February 1st, 2016

financeAds Successful Internationally

Because of the difference in marketing strategies and country regulations from one place to another, being international can be a challenge. Our blog will cover a series of countries where the ventures are active and show the struggles they go through to be successful internationally. Apart from Clark, Savedo, and BillFront, financeAds is the most internationally active venture that is a part of FinLeap’s family. Our venture is currently active in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and UK. The team behind it goes to events all over Europe to pitch their ideas and look for supporters in the financial and advertising industries.

Hakan, founder and managing director of financeAds, shared his thoughts on the venture’s development internationally, “Affiliate marketing is an established business model. Bigger networks of it exist, but not one of them is completely focused on the financial sector. The industry’s transformation to digital mediums is coming in and developing fast, so the highest changes happen there.” That’s where financeAds comes in. Hakan spoke about filling the gap between advertisement and finance which financeAds did. The German brand of the venture correlates with the international one. He believes that “cross border traffic and a good relationship to advertisers in addition to no particular competitor focusing on the finance sector is how financeAds became successful internationally. Not only that, but also the training of the staff: good communication internally leads to good communication with publishers, banks, and other agencies.

Thus, the real success story comes from inside the startup as employees from different countries share everything: a database from Poland and information from a Spanish event are shared with all other countries. They work together and communicate thoroughly to achieve the best possible understanding of the different markets and target groups. It cooperates with other fintechs because of its ability to be a good accelerator, bringing new business quickly into the market. Special offers extend not only to German companies, but also to international ones, giving financeAds more opportunities to have connections globally. The next few stories will follow the way financeAds keeps developing internationally.

Coming Soon: Spain