Published on December 9th, 2016

FinLeap’s Early Christmas Celebration

On December 2nd, FinLeap had its annual Christmas Dinner together with HitFox and the ventures.

The Christmas dinner took place at a small nightclub called Chalet in the center of Kreuzberg in Berlin. The night began at 7:30pm sharp in the beautiful 150 year old building with great appetizers and drinks for HitFox and FinLeap. The main course followed with gourmet meals ranging from Veggie burgers to Duck meat. Of course, the night could not go through without inspiring speeches. Jan Beckers, CEO of HitFox, was first in line, speaking about FinLeap’s independence from HitFox Group. Ramin Niroumand, Co-Founder and Managing Director of FinLeap, followed with a speech about the company builder’s highlights throughout the year.

In January, our venture Valendo launched a new website that included a B2B section – an important step for the business model in order to open its customer range.

In February, FinLeap launched debt-collecting venture Pair Finance. Nobody thinks that debt collection is sexy. Yes, but it’s a very good business model, in need of digitization! Stephan Stricker recently joined behind the wheel to take the business model to the second level.

In March, FinLeap gave solarisBank a start, creating the first tech platform with a banking license in Germany in just nine months. Or, how one media wrote: “Finally, a bank built for Fintech startups (but it’s in Germany)..”

In April, Savedo closed a financing round of 10 Million US dollars. Nowadays, Savedo launched a new asset class of precious metals, their FlexMoney product and are expanding into the Netherlands.

In May, launched and financed its first real estate project in only 20 hours. Since then, the venture has released five projects. In addition, FinLeap added two Managing Directors to its team – Dr. Matthias Lange and Eckhardt Weber.

June followed with a great success for FinLeap – a funding round of 21 Million Euro, bringing a lot of media attention to the company builder.

In July, Dr. Carolin Gabor joined the management team, right in time for our annual Summer Strategy Event at Haubentaucher. Also in July, venture financeAds won the European Performance Marketing Award in the category “Best Affiliate Network”.

August was next with FinLeap’s insurtech venture Clark closing their series A funding with 13.2 Million Euro – the biggest funding round for insurtech in Germany. Of course, this created a lot of buzz in the media.

September followed with the new German law Zahlungskontengesetz which obliges banks to offer an account switch tool to their clients. FinLeap’s venture FinReach is, now, partner with over 100 banks and has expanded into Austria.

In October, FinLeap launched its tenth venture Elinvar – a pioneer in the market.

In November, FinLeap’s team reached more than 300 Fins, together with the ventures.

Finally, December rolled up and FinLeap is now the number one Fintech platform in Europe.

FinLeap wishes everyone a very merry Christmas, filled with lots of presents and happy moments!