Published on November 21st, 2017

Fins in sport – what we do to stay healthy

The FinLeap team is not only motivated in their business life, but also in sports. So, it’s not a big surprise that we have several free sports groups at FinLeap. From football to running to yoga – we practice it all!  

FinLeap football team

Our FinLeap football team, consisting of FinLeap, Hitfox & venture employees, are even playing in a semi-professional league: the Berlin Start-Up-League, called Urban Sports League. There’s tough competition with many start-ups taking part such as Soundcloud, Rakuten or employees of home24. The motto: Competition, networking & fun! The weekly training takes place at the Venue ‘Bobo Fuego’ – a football hall up north in Berlin Weißensee. Here is where our team, 25 members all together, meet up every Wednesday from 7pm to play 40 minutes of 5 vs 5 football against another start-up. The idea of joining the Urban Sports League came out of the desire of FinLeap employees wanting to play football on a regular basis and it’s come with great success: the team is currently top of the league!

The logo of the FinLeap football club designed by one of the team members


Hurting back? Bad posture from sitting at the desk? The typical effects from working in an office all day are not present at FinLeap: at the weekly yoga class, our fins are working on their flexibility & strength. Held by the awesome yoga teacher Mallory, the yoga class focuses on the needs of each attendant and Mallory allows everyone to work on their individual yoga practice.  That means: Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to professionals. Starting off with a gentle warm-up, the yoga class moves into more demanding flows and poses like the popular sun salutation which activates and strengthens your whole body. Every class ends up with the relaxing part, Shavasana, where you release your mind from the stress of the day. Namaste!

Running group

Right before the weekend starts, its running time at FinLeap! Every Friday at 12.30pm, our running group heads off to their weekly run in Berlin’s Tiergarten. Luckily, the huge green area is not too far away from the FinLeap office at Fintech Hub H:32 at Hardenbergstraße 32, so there is no excuse to not take advantage of this opportunity. Running is the perfect sport to take a break from a stressful office day: while working on your stamina you can breathe in some fresh air, see a bit of nature and then get back to work with a clear mind.

Two of the running group on their way to Tiergarten