Published on February 15th, 2017

FinLeap Insights: How We Define Our Strategy

Over Thursday and Friday of the first week of February, FinLeap’s Managing Directors and department heads were joined by our ventures’ co-founders to network and discuss our strategy. The Offsite took place at Schorfheide – in a private location where FinLeap’s leaders could network and cooperate undisturbed. The Ringhotel Schorfheide, where the FinLeap team stayed, is a modern conference center with many rooms for seminars and events. A combination of great architecture, peaceful location and picturesque surroundings, make the hotel the perfect spot for discussions and networking.

Thursday began bright and early for all Offsite participants. After the 2 hour travel time and a quick hotel check-in, FinLeap’s department heads presented their department strategy and vision in front of the MDs. The focus of the presentation was “FinLeap’s way of…” where each Head spoke about his or her department and the way it contributes to FinLeap’s overall strategy. The next couple of hours consisted of individual discussions, filled with conversations about the company builder’s next steps. Lunch followed and everyone got to enjoy some great food together.

The afternoon was just as busy as the morning – all participants of the Offsite including the MDs, department heads and co-founders got together to talk about FinLeap’s strategy and vision. Topics such as cooperation between the ventures and the departments as well as synergies in our ecosystem were thoroughly discussed. Each venture had the opportunity to gain insights into the experiences of the others and learn from them while talking about their key learnings so far and the current challenges they have to tackle.

Of course, after a busy day, the team got to appreciate some delicious dinner together, filled with interesting conversations and jokes.

The next day continued the busy schedule. While some of the Offsite participants departed the location in the morning, the MDs and co-founders stayed to attend several workshop sessions. The day consisted of four sessions, each led by an expert in the field. Session A was all about B2B sales – what tools the ventures can use and what challenge they face. B2C Online Marketing was discussed in the next session, including topics such as TV advertising, paid and unpaid marketing and growth hacking. The Pitching Session followed with conversations about fundraising. Last, but not least was the Internationalisation session which introduced 10 European countries with their key performance indicators. Not only were the countries discussed, but also the ventures’ experiences and opportunities abroad.

The Offsite finished on a good note as FinLeap and the ventures headed back to the city to finish the week with a Korean BBQ and conversations about the topics of the Offsite.