Published on April 18th, 2019

finleap Insights April 2019: Happy Easter!

Dear finleap friends, 

We hope you had a great start into the new year and are as excited as we are to read about the newest updates and recent news in the universe. This year started like the last ended – with big steps!

finleap, for the first time in their history, has acquired a fintech company. With Penta as a SME-business-banking provider, we extend our value chain of services with an important member.finleap is not the only one who is eager to grow and expand, finreach solutions and figo are joining forces to respond to the growing market need for specific SaaS and API applications. This is a need that goes beyond data connectivity and platform solutions. Another partnership of a different kind was formed by solarisBank and Alipay. solarisBank is now in charge of developing the mobile payment infrastructure for Chinese tourists, the biggest traveling demographic worldwide, and one of the most sought-after target groups. Last, but certainly not least, comes Perseus and their most recent collaboration with Markel. Together, they developed a holistic cyber security package to prevent and protect all new and existing customers of Markel worldwide.

Welcome to the family, Penta!

Since the beginning of April, Penta is part of the finleap ecosystem by acquisition. Launched in 2017, Penta currently has around 6.000 German SME customers from the digital industry, who are using their fast and easy business banking. Besides opening a business account online in only a few minutes, Penta customers also enjoy features like unlimited employee cards, easy expense management, as well as accounting integrations and affordable foreign transfers. The next step for Penta is a roll-out across Europe, with the first launch in Italy, in cooperation with finleap portfolio company Beesy.
Please read more about Penta and finleap at Techcrunch

Do you know someone who needs a business banking account for a new adventure? Reach out to Penta or via Ivan Maryasin


finreach solutions and figo are joining forces

What is better than one banking service provider? Correct, two! figo and finreach solutions had already done business together for a long time, and the merger can be considered a logical result of former successful collaborations. The perfect fit adds a broader range of financial products and expands the scope and quality of the services offered. The new goal is to become the leading fintech platform for SaaS and API solutions, a goal easier to reach together.

If you would like to cooperate and find your new banking service solution please contact Dr. Carolin Gabor 

Perseus partners with Markel
To further protect the world from cyber threats, Perseus, a company for cyber security, is partnering up with Markel, an international insurer and reinsurer. With this collaboration, a new cyber-security package has been created exclusively for Markel. The package includes preventive security trainings, tools and cyber-attack alert mechanisms. This allows full-scale protection and comprehensive solutions for new and existing clients of Markel. 

Read more at Versicherungsmonitor (German) 

Chinese tourists like it digital

Did you know that 12.7 million Chinese tourists travel around Europe every year? They’re the largest international tourist group, and spend the most money out of all tourists worldwide. Since mobile payments are considered to be the standard solution in China, Europe needs to step up their game to stay in touch and provide the necessary infrastructure, and not only for our guests. In order to tackle this big challenge, Alipay decided to partner up with solarisBank. As a banking-as-a-service platform, solarisBank has the technical and regulatory skillset to build up a strong infrastructure of seamless payments in Europe. We are looking forward to seeing this partnership flourish and supporting the set up of a merchants’ network on our home turf.

Read more at handelsblatt (in German) or finextra (in English)

We are growing, fast

On our last trip – we called it finaway – to finleap’s office in Milan, opened in 2017, we met new people and old friends in our universe. As we grow internationally, our total number of colleagues is reaching record highs. Over 800 employees are part of our ecosystem, and with more companies to come in 2019, we are looking to increase this number even more. Do you want to join our universe or know someone who is motivated enough to make an impact and reshape the future of finance together with us?

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