Published on December 13th, 2018

FinLeap Insights #3 2018

Dear FinLeap Friends, 

we hope that your year was as successful and busy as ours and that you are ready for some updates from the finleap universe. Thank you to all finleap colleagues, partners and friends, it was a fantastic year thanks to your support!

Let us look back together on the year 2018. We are sure you heard of our recent funding round of over EUR 41.5 million led by our new investor Ping An’s Global Voyager Fund from China.  We are very proud to have completed this milestone and have an investor of such caliber on board. As Ping An is the world’s largest insurance company by market capitalization this marks a new era for the finleap ecosystem.

That’s one small step for man, one giant finleap for mankind
Ok, maybe not such a giant leap for mankind, but surely a big step forward for fintech. finleap has reached a big milestone on our mission to reshape the future of finance: we have recently closed our latest funding round of over EUR 41.5 million led by the Chinese financial services firm, Ping An Global Voyager Fund. Ping An is the world‘s largest insurance company by market capitalization and a widely recognized fintech and healthtech innovator. We are now looking forward to partnering with a company whose DNA reflects our own ambitions of being 100% digital and at the forefront of innovation. The fresh capital will be used to support our further growth and to develop new technologies and companies as well as to expand further geographically.
Watch more at CNCB or read more at Bloomberg

ELEMENT in their element
Also ELEMENT had recently great news to announce: the leading white-label product factory for insurance successfully raised EUR 23 million in a Series A financing round. 

The new capital will allow ELEMENT to expand its technological platform. Supported by the investments and a strengthened network, the Berlin-based technology company will tackle its first international markets. Exciting times ahead…This financing is the last in a series of financing rounds earlier this year by Clark and solarisBank. 
Read more at Handelsblatt (German) 

Beesy waving the finleap flag in Italy
After already being active in 15 countries through our portfolio companies we have strengthened our activities abroad with funding our first company in Italy. Beesy, a digital financial management solution that will simplify accounting, tax and banking services for micro-enterprises and freelancers. The joint venture between finleap and Fabrick represents a significant step towards our internationalization. This leads us to the next topic: the recently launched fintech platforms, one of which Beesy is based on…namely Infinitec Solutions.
Read more at Wirtschaftswoche (German) 

finleap and its fintech platforms – of course 
Reacting to the trend that in the future, customers – whether private or business – expect holistic, contextual finance management, finleap has been focusing on B2B and B2B2X approaches for some time. But with establishing our fintech platforms Finreach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions for contextual finance, we are taking the next step: The new platform systems enable finleap’s cooperation partners to combine bundled solutions and all-in-one solutions with fintechs, financial products and value-added services in a modular building set to form a digital financial company. By establishing the platforms Finreach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions, finleap is positioning itself even more clearly as a true technology provider. If you would like to cooperate with us, please contact Dr. Carolin Gabor at

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