Published on April 25th, 2017

What does a Venture Partner actually do?

Michael Weinreich joined FinLeap in November 2016 as Venture Partner. Now, he shares some insights into his job.

So what do you actually do at FinLeap?

My role could be very well described as being a coach or mentor for our ventures. I support the ventures’ management in various fields. These include the preparation of shareholder and investor meetings, the acquisition of large clients as well as the strategic development of products and services. In addition, I am always watching out for new business ideas that might have the potential of being transformed into an actual venture at some point.

What is most challenging about it – and what do you love most about it?

The actual process of selling something can be quite hard. You do not easily enter any given market and instantly gain strong and sustainable customer relations.

What I really love about my job is the diversity: Not only in terms of the people that I work with but also regarding the topics. Facing new challenges makes my job rich in variety and I appreciate that. Also, meeting new people and great talents here at FinLeap and in our network is something that I enjoy.

Which are the tools you can’t start your day without?

To keep it short: Google, Pipedrive and videochat.

What is your professional background?

I studied business administration in Germany and England before becoming a business consultant. Later, I gained leadership experience in large corporations and became member of the executive board of Arvato Bertelsmann.

Any advice for someone who would start in the same field?

Be curious, be open and be humble.

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