Published on September 28th, 2016

FinLympics: Our Team Building Day

Yesterday, FinLeap had its special day for team building and what could bring a team better together than some sport games – the FinLympics. After weeks of organization, the day was here. At 11am, a caravan of six taxis waited downstairs to gather approximately 50 team members and transport them to the Beach Center, an indoor and outdoor area with beach volleyball fields and a special space with large trampolines. A brief introduction by our host Mario combined with a delicious lunch followed.

The Teams and Games

After lunch, FinLeap was split into four teams and the games began. The first consisted of two teams on a volleyball field, trying to push some inflatable balls from the center to the opponent’s half – well, something more simple, but much fun. Trying to roll a giant ball while a person was balancing on top was trickier, the same like managing a competition with a golf rack and an inflatable ball. At the end, an “art contest” decided about the winning team: designing the FinLeap logo out of sand. Final decision from our judges Matthias and Linda: the team called the “hateful 10” won – close, but deserved.

BBQ and sundowners in the evening

The games were done, but the team was not tired yet. Some chose to enjoy some beach volleyball while others went inside the Center for some trampoline jumping. Eventually the day took its toll. After a long day in the sun, everyone was tired and ready for some food. FinLeap had provided a great barbecue, filled with variety of meats, sides, and of course, desserts. Around 6pm, the FinLeap team headed back towards our office.

The day outside was not only an awesome way to get to know each other a little better, but also allowed us to enjoy some of the last sunny warm days in Berlin for the year. We are grateful to our hosts and special thanks to the FinLeap members who organized this awesome day!