Published on May 11th, 2017

Fintech Ladies Europe Dinner in Munich

This year’s first Fintech Ladies Europe dinner was held in Munich. Host of our event was the HVB who did not only provide their great location but also a splendid dinner for all participants.

Upon arrival, the guests were able to enjoy the perfect spring weather on the HVB Gästecasino’s very own terrace. Afterwards, all attendees gathered and enjoyed first drinks as our MD Dr. Carolin Gabor and HVB’s Head of Corporate and Digital Reputation, Anne Gfrerer, welcomed the leading female founders and professionals of Munich’s Fintech and Insurtech spheres. They briefly presented the Fintech Ladies Europe initiative and women-related HVB activities such as the HVB Women’s Council and the HVB mentoring programme for female start-up entrepreneurs.

A first keynote was held by Jennifer Fizia, Co-Founder at Lendstar, on why banking is social. Lendstar is an app that helps people to split up bills and send each other money directly from their respective bank accounts. The subsequent discussion considered possible future developments within the payment sector and growing potentials for the next years. Besides, Jennifer Fizia was able to share her experiences from participating in the German venture capital TV with Lendstar, where she was able to convince venture capitalist Jochen Schweizer into investing in her company.

The next contributor of a keynote was Manuela Rabener, Co-Founder & CMO at Scalable Capital, who presented the results of a study on women’s investment behavior that was conducted by Yougov on the behalf of Scalable Capital. The results contained information on a variety of factors that lead to a different investment behavior and were discussed among the participants, focussing on possible ways for creating a higher involvement of women in investment activities and raising awareness for the importance of financial precautions. Interestingly, the discussion showed significant differences in the participants’ approaches towards financial investments, ranging from very conservative investment strategies to P2P lending.

Once again, we were able to bring together women of the financial industry and we are happy to see that various connections started to emerge between Munich’s and Berlin’s leading women in Fintech and banking. So far, there have not been any women-specific events in Munich which is another reason why our guests really enjoyed the occasion. The HVB regularly hosts Fintech meetups and plays a vital role in connecting the traditional banking world with Fintechs and InsurTechs. We are looking forward to our next events and to growing our network even further: The next events are already in sight: On occasion of the NOAH conference, the FinTech Ladies Europe will meet for breakfast at Morrison & Foerster in Berlin on June 23rd. In addition, a Fintech Ladies Europe Lunch will be held at Handelsblatt’s Banken im Umbruch conference in September.

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