Published on May 27th, 2016

How We Find Our Talents

FinLeap constantly searches for new and innovative talent and has attracted more than 300 highly qualified employees of over 30 nationalities to date. The different teams consist of the best tech experts, experienced founders and financial experts, among others, who create an agile, creative and vibrant environment. This surrounding nurtures great ideas, solutions and services that are focused on a great customer experience. FinLeap strives to constantly improve its processes and, therefore, has developed a very efficient, lean and transparent approach to find its talent.

Speaking of talent, FinLeap has had an influx of around 1,000 applications per month. Out of all applications, 2% get hired for FinLeap and its ventures. Of course, such a high influx of applications needs a professional recruiting approach.

Every role that gets published goes through a thorough process in the beginning. The hiring manager and the recruiting team define the role and its context within the organization/venture. Each role is assigned to a recruiter who will then facilitate the entire process from publishing job ads, CV screening, candidate interaction, interviewing, following up with the hiring manager and guiding the decision meeting at the end of the process.

FinLeap’s candidate selection process is based on a competency model, developed by the organization itself using internal feedback and experiences. Depending on the position and seniority, FinLeap looks for entrepreneurial minded colleagues with a strong drive for result orientation and collaboration.

Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of FinLeap as it ensures seeing and evaluating opportunities in an agile environment and being able to transform an idea into an actual business strategy. Venturing into new markets and business models creates a headwind which is to be tackled with utmost determination and a drive for results. An example of such entrepreneurship, determination and collaboration is solarisBank, which was established in less than a year from idea to banking license – a record within the European banking environment. Such a project needs strong leadership in addition to determination and entrepreneurship to push the boundaries. Thus, leadership is an important competency for FinLeap’s senior employees. Through this combination of competencies, FinLeap and its employees excel in Europe’s Fintech sector.

Additionally, it is of great importance to have an understanding of the Fintech market and to be customer-oriented. Within a remarkably short time, FinLeap has established its brand and has become the #1 Fintech platform in Europe. This allows it to attract Europe’s top financial experts as advisors, venture partners and investors.

FinLeap, however, is not only a great environment for experienced Fintech employees, but also for junior high potentials. With these candidates, FinLeap looks for curiosity, interest and insight into the current market, motivation and a candidate’s determination toward reaching goals. Those high potentials have a great opportunity to gain insight into the financial market and work closely together with FinLeap’s experts. Through this combination, many high potentials have been given the opportunity to grow within FinLeap, shape its ventures and ultimately reshape finance.

Do the above mentioned competencies or potential characteristics describe you and are you interested in working at the #1 Fintech Platform in Europe? Let us know and check out our open positions.