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5 fintech trends that prevail

It's no secret that the global fintech scene has developed rapidly in recent years. Not only providers for end customers, such as challenger banks, but also B2B companies have expanded their offerings. But which Fintech trends will also be relevant in the long run?As the official fintech hub of Berlin, we answered this question in this blogpost.

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finleap Insights September 2020

finleap releases extensive report on the market potential of financial services geared towards GenZ. Gain some deeper insights and read our Newsletter here.

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GenZ: The future of financial services?

GenZ is a generation of truly digital natives navigating the internet like no generation before, yet they often delay critical decisions, such as those regarding their personal finances. We examined why this is and the potential for financial services tailored to this generation here.

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PSD2 & open banking for insurance

From our experience in the fintech market, most insurance companies do not seem to be fully aware of their potential in Open Banking. Most of them are still not using the opportunities coming from accessing customer bank statements to their fullest extent. Therefore, we think there is plenty of space to develop innovative solutions in the insurance market, all driven by PSD2 and Open Banking. finleap connect is able to fulfill the insurance market needs with 3 distinctive offerings.

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Insurtechs on the rise!

The insurtech sector has been steadily growing for quite a period of time and is clearly having an enormous influence on the traditional insurance field. finleap provides three clear players that have brought never-before-seen ideas and have filled service gaps in the insurance market.

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FinLeap Insights #3 2018

Do you want to know more about our recent successes and events within the FinLeap ecosystem? Read our latest Newsletter FinLeap Insights in this blogpost. If you would like to subscribe, send an email with "Newsletter" to

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