FinReach in Austria

Our venture FinReach is going international! An Austrian bank is now offering the digital account switch service.

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Behind the Scenes: FinReach

FinReach lies in the heart of Berlin, surrounded by historic museums and sky-high buildings. Take a look behind the scenes at the FinReach office!

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Savedo: FlexMoney

Savedo has opened a new asset class FlexMoney where Customers can benefit from fixed-term deposits with pre-agreed duration.

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Behind the Scenes: Savedo

Located in the center of Berlin, this energetic and friendly office is where Fintech happens. Take a look behind the scenes at Savedo!

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4 Questions with Christian Tiessen on Gold

Savedo, which provides its customers with high interest rates in the European Union through one simple current account, has introduced a new asset class - Precious Metals. We interviewed Co-founder Christian Tiessen about it.

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Behind the Scenes: Clark

Third floor, bright, big windows, many monitors, a couch, bicycles and colorful Post-Its. Images that would remind you of a textbook for startups, but this is not the next e-Commerce-Shop or food delivery startup. This is where the future of the insurance industry starts. Welcome to Clark!

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