The 5 Hidden Fintech Hubs: Montreal

We all know Berlin as a center for the financial industry, but, in this series, we will explore the hidden Fintech hubs of the world. The first one is Canada's Montreal!

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Fintech Ladies Europe: Our activities in 2016

The Fintech Ladies Initiative aims to allow women in the financial and insurance industries to network by gathering them at dinners all over Europe. Read more about the first three dinners in Zurich, London and Frankfurt.

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Top 10 FridayFintechFacts 2016

Every Friday, we have been collecting and sharing interesting facts about the Fintech and Insurtech industries. Check out the top 10 FridayFintechFacts of 2016!

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Fintech Trends: Mobile Payments

The mobile payments industry has been looked upon as the new big thing, especially inside the Fintech space. What are the current trends in mobile payments? How has it evolved? What is its future?

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