Published on January 23rd, 2017

Interview with financeAds’ MD Alvise Perissinotto

Recently, financeAds International gained a new Managing Director – Alvise Perissinotto. Before joining the venture, Alvise was Sales Teamlead at Zalando and was part of the affiliate network zanox AG. There, he was responsible for securing some of zanox AG’s top tier international clients. Alvise holds a degree in Business Management from University of Westminster in London. Today, we interviewed Alvise about his new role, the venture and his advice to others. How did you learn about financeAds?

Alvise: I have known Hakan, financeAds’ other Managing Director, since our past times together at zanox AG and I have kept an eye on the company for a while. I was very excited, when he approached me to help with the international side of financeAds. What is the role you’re going to take at financeAds?

Alvise: I am the second Managing Director focusing on sales, marketing and PR. We have ambitious growth plans and we want to consolidate an already-established brand across Europe. I will be focusing on these topics in my new role. How does the venture differ from your previous experiences at Zalando and zanox AG?

Alvise: We are much faster to adapt to customers’ rapidly changing behaviors towards purchasing banking products online. We can also provide clients with a much more focused and personal service, enriched by our unrivaled expertise in finance and Fintech trends that ultimately drives relevant and new sales to our clients. Our tools are also second to none and enable publishers to enhance their offerings. In your opinion, what impact will you have on the venture?

Alvise: I have a good deal of experience as far as sales and affiliate is concerned, so I will heavily be focusing on sales generating initiatives. I am also looking forward to establish financeAds International as the point of reference for any international bank, insurance and Fintech looking to expand their online footprint across Europe. How does financeAds differ from the others on the market?

Alvise: We take incredible care of our clients; our is a truly boutique approach to managing relationships and our clients love that. We are also very proud of the quality of the traffic and leads that we deliver to them. Finally, we want our partners to see us as a true tech partner, constantly looking at innovative solutions to deliver added value to them. This differentiates us from our main competitors and can give clients the peace of mind they need, when starting or growing their online sales. If you had to give a one sentence advice to other managing directors, what would it be?

Alvise: Be consistent, follow through and never stop learning from the market and your team.