Published on March 13th, 2016

Interview with solarisBank’s Marko Wenthin

Marko Wenthin serves as the co-founder of our newest venture solarisBank. Bringing with him more than 25 years in the banking and financial services, Marko combines a technological, financial, and entrepreneurial background. In addition to it, he has great international experience gained from spending over ten years in Argentina and Poland. Marko knows that being able to laugh with his team and enjoy the days in the office enables everyone to be better at what they do and shape innovative ideas.

Today, we will interview him on his FinLeap experience, what triggered the creation of solarisBank, and his plans for the future of our venture. What brought you to FinLeap?

Marko: I have always kept up with the Fintech industry, especially in Berlin. As I was looking for new opportunities, FinLeap found me and offered me this opportunity to work in the company builder. What has been your favorite part of being in the FinLeap family?

Marko: I enjoy the spirit in the office as it is very team-oriented. FinLeap helps people cooperate with each other, present their ideas, and work together successfully. How did the idea to create solarisBank come up?

Marko: Many of the FinLeap ventures were in need of a bank, but to sign with a normal bank meant reducing the speed of the startup to the speed of the bank. Thus, the idea to be an incubator that develops a specific bank for those ventures came about. How does solarisBank function exactly?

Marko: Solaris is a tech company with a banking license that concentrates on assisting companies from the digital age with a technological platform for their business. We don’t create or sell products. Instead, we allow companies to build their own products with the help of our platform. What are your plans for collaboration with other companies for the future?

Marko: In Solaris, we don’t have any exclusion policies for any industry of any kind. Thus, as long as there is someone who needs a service and as long as the service is legally allowed and fits our business model, we are ready to collaborate. Marko, with so many years of experience, how does the solarisBank experience differ form your past experiences?

Marko: I have had the business model idea on my mind for quite a while now, but the circumstances have not been right for the venture. I was attracted by FinLeap because of the discovery of my partner MD Andreas Bittner (read the full interview with Andreas) who has the same mindset, making the creation of solarisBank possible. Does Solaris plan on attending any future events or conferences?

Marko: Yes, we want to go and participate actively through panels or speakers at any AA or AAA event. We just participated in ExecFintech on March 8th in Frankfurt am Main. One of the events coming up for us is Money2020 in Copenhagen which starts on April 4th. Finally, do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs?

Marko: Get up and just do it.