Published on March 2nd, 2022

Interview with OMR: How Ramin Niroumand shook up the German financial scene with Finleap

Ramin Niroumand has founded 15 startups with the incubator Finleap – and quintupled the investment of around 140 million euros on paper. Now he wants to build on this success with his own fund. But in his view, the general conditions for young companies are threatening to deteriorate due to overregulation. He told Philipp Westermeyer in the OMR podcast why he still believes in the sector.

Although Ramin Niroumand is only 34 years old, he is one of the veteran experts of the German fintech scene. In 2014, the Berliner co-founded the incubator Finleap with Jan Beckers (who has also been a guest on the OMR Podcast and co-hosts the Beckers Bets podcast with Florian Adomeit), whose portfolio today includes well-known startups such as Solarisbank and the insurance manager Clark.

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