Published on June 22nd, 2017

What does an Investment Manager actually do?

Rienzo Böhm joined FinLeap in January 2016 as Assistant to the CFO and became Investment Manager in November 2016. Now, he shares some insights into his job.

What do you actually do at FinLeap?

One part of my job is to support fundraising activities for FinLeap and our ventures. That includes the initial approach of investors as well as guiding ventures through due diligence investigations. Furthermore, we support our ventures in compiling presentations and (financial) analyses for potential investors and help with the actual contract negotiations.

The second large part of the daily business as Investment Manager is concerned with venture strategy and steering. We define and shape strategies and also evaluate the progress and success to provide additional support where necessary.

What is most challenging about it – and what do you love most about it?

The complexity of the different tasks is very high and can indeed be challenging. We have a variety of different business models in our portfolio and, therefore, are required to work on our strategic focus from many different angles. Investors are also quite different which makes it very important for us to develop a tailored story for almost every single pitch that considers these differences and works out mutual benefits of a cooperation between the respective ventures and investors.

At the same time, these challenges and responsibilities are what I love about the job with no two days being the same. This causes a very steep learning curve. Furthermore, I get to work in a great team with diverse backgrounds where everybody works hard towards a common goal, but also enjoys spending time together outside of work.

Which are the tools you can’t start your day without?

Tools like PowerPoint and Excel are vital, but what I really like is the fact that I have several excellent sparring partners in my team. Besides, FinLeap’s cereal bar and coffee are essential to start my day.

What is your professional background?

Before I joined FinLeap, I was working at Moody’s Investor Service where I was responsible for the quantitative part of bond credit rating process and in this function covered the major banks in Europe. I also gained experiences in consulting when I was working at McKinsey and zeb.

Any advice for someone who would start in the same field?

Be willing to learn something new every day and embrace all challenges openly! Be cooperative in your team and communicate well. You should also be always willing to go the famous extra mile and to try thinking outside the box to spot different opportunities.