Published on February 19th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Benjamin Kohlstadt

Ben as everyone in the office calls him has an easygoing and quiet demeanor around him. His calming presence is often a breath of fresh air in the hectic startup environment. Every day, he finds beauty in graphs and numbers from websites to drive the business of FinLeap’s ventures forward.

This daily enjoyment from his work at FinLeap began in July 2015 when he became Senior SEO Manager. His job in short entails that he cleans up, enlarges the visibility, and optimizes the websites of FinLeap and its ventures. He heard about FinLeap from a friend who asked him to join the company. Thinking that it is a great opportunity, Ben became a dedicated part of the team. Ben says that the driving factor in his decision to join was FinLeap’s uniqueness. Unlike other Berlin based startups, FinLeap has a different atmosphere and approach. Coming from a company builder as his previous job location, Ben enjoys the business model of giving guidance to ventures. Moreover, he believes that from the ventures’ perspective being in a company builder with such a range of different ideas and markets, gives an interesting experience to all.

Benjamin Kohlstadt, Senior SEO Manager at FinLeap Ben, what do you think will be something you will have to do in the future to keep up with the evolving trends in the FinTech world?

Ben: The SEO world is very competitive, especially in the financial search area. Precisely, because consumers use mostly search engines to get more information about financial services. This makes SEO one, if not the most important channel for the financial sector. We will have to provide more user focused content which is both helpful for the users and fulfils the user’s intent. What are some changes you have seen in your position since the time you started working as SEO?

Ben: We have definitely made progress in establishing the processes at FinLeap. Now, the focus is professionalism, being straightforward, and having a clear cut direction in which to go while keeping the creative spirit. What is the best part about working at FinLeap?

Ben: It is very interesting to see new ventures launching, since all of them have a different kind of business model and approach. So for me, to launch ventures and give them support from the very beginning is the best part about FinLeap.

Ben loves his job and finds ways to work with everybody. He says that he learns through conversations with people from various backgrounds and enjoys working together with them towards the same idea- providing convincing, state-of-the-art financial services. On a more personal note, I was blown away to learn that the quiet guy that sits two desks away from me is not only the secretly social SEO, but also the drummer who loves music, which, in his words, has to include a guitar.

Short description: Benjamin Kohlstadt has been working in FinLeap since July 2015, helping the company and its ventures with their websites. Ben appreciates the range of ideas and unique business models that FinLeap supports. He has enjoyed seeing the progress FinLeap has made towards professionalism and organization, and notes that the company has a very unique atmosphere.