Published on October 20th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Thomas Gagneret, Venture Development Analyst

Thomas Gagneret holds the position of Venture Development Analyst at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in September 2016.

Thomas fits at FinLeap because of his open-mindedness. Having lived in France, Canada, the United States, and now Germany, he is no stranger to diverse environments.

As Venture Development Analyst, Thomas is responsible for perspective-based work – thinking strategically on where to take the company next, fundraising for the ventures, and investor relations. His job requires both analytical thinking and the ability to communicate clearly. Thomas learned about the company through a friend of his who was an intern at HitFox. He brings with him a Master’s degree from SciencesPo Paris in Finance and Strategy as well as a very versatile collection of work experiences (audit, M&A, strategy consulting). Today, we interviewed Thomas on FinLeap, his previous experiences, and his job. You joined us recently. What’s your favorite part of working here?

Thomas: I love how fast the decision-making process is – we come up with a new idea, talk about it, and immediately decide on how to act. How does FinLeap differ from your prevoius experiences?

Thomas: FinLeap moves at a faster pace, because there is a concern for execution. I’m enjoying the ability to work in an environment where my prioritization and schedule are flexible. How do you make sure that each venture’s needs are taken care of?

Thomas: Apart from a set of metrics that shows the ventures’ needs, I have to take into account the strategic direction of each company. What’s the most important feature of a successful venture developer in your opinion?

Thomas: A venture developer has to have a strong appetite for facts and figures, be a skilled communicator and have a strong curiosity for business – he or she should never be afraid of any research task or unknown market because that’s what drives decision-making. Most importantly, a venture developer has to have a strong sense of reality, so future opportunities are actually achievable.

In addition to enjoying his work, Thomas is a big fan of music (especially anything written during the 50s to 70s period) and plays the guitar. He is also a big sports fan, especially football (he is a born-and raised supporter of Olympique Lyonnais), tennis and squash.