Published on April 22nd, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Alexandra Meyer, Recruiting Manager

Alexandra Meyer is Recruiting Manager at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in April 2015.

Alexandra strikes with her energetic and friendly attitude towards everything and everyone in the office. Coming from a family working in the hotel and restaurant scene, Alexandra learned how to communicate with all types of people. Although originally from Berlin, she has gotten to know many people internationally through internships and studying in Chicago and Aberdeen. Thus, she enjoys getting to know more people every day through her position as the Recruiting Manager.

Alexandra found out about the company builder through a colleague and consequently, joined one year ago. She brought with her a degree in Business Administration with a focus in HR and years of experience in the field. Her responsibilities include finding new employees, creating job descriptions, screening for CVs, and conducting the first interviews with position candidates. Moreover, she has to manage direct searches for candidates for positions requiring very high qualifications. Today, we interviewed Alexandra about her position and her past experiences. You’ve been in the FinLeap family for a while now. What is the key to be successful in helping out all the ventures with finding the right candidates?

Alexandra: You really have to know and understand the business model. You have to get a feeling for the team spirit and culture inside the venture which means working closely with other hiring managers. Of course, understanding the position as well as all the responsibilities a candidate will have to cover is also crucial. What do you look for in a candidate?

Alexandra: The most important quality I look for is the candidate’s drive. He or she has to be motivated and enthusiastic about the company and our processes. What is something you think you’ll have to do in the future to keep up with the changing Fintech trends?

Alexandra: I will have to keep track with all the new digital updates on the startup scene. Furthermore, I have to know about other startups and their development. How does FinLeap compare to your past experieces?

Alexandra: FinLeap is definitely more international and more dynamic than my past experiences. I also enjoy the high-quality professionals I work with every day.

Alexandra always pushes herself to excel at the next level not only in her professional life but also in her free time. She says she likes doing sports (yoga, Cross Fit, and running) because they relieve the pressure from the work day. She also loves meeting friends and going out.