Published on December 6th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Ana-Maria Ghinita, Trainee Graphic Design

Ana-Maria Ghinita holds the position of Trainee Graphic Design. She joined the company builder in October 2016.

Ana-Maria enjoys the international atmosphere at FinLeap and that’s no surprise: she doesn’t only have an international background, but also speaks six languages.

Ana-Maria joined FinLeap in October 2016 as the new Trainee Graphic Design. As such she splits her time in half between helping with Graphic Design and UX while completing projects for FinLeap and the ventures. Ana-Maria is from Romania but also has Bulgarian background. As mentioned above, she speaks six languages: Romanian, Bulgarian, German, English, Spanish and Italian. Today, we interviewed Ana-Maria about FinLeap, her previous experiences, and her job. What’s your favorite thing about FinLeap?

Ana-Maria: It has to be the internationality of the people that brings a mix of languages and cultures together to form a really unique atmosphere. I also love the location in the center of Berlin. How does FinLeap differ from your previous experiences?

Ana-Maria: FinLeap is in the finance industry and it’s a startup. I used to work in design agencies before, so the team and office here are much bigger. FinLeap also allows me to work with people from many different departments and with many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. How do you manage to split the time between UX and graphic design?

Ana-Maria: I always have to prioritize tasks which means I usually focus on Graphic Design. Whenever I have time, I like to do UX research because it’s something different that I’m trying to learn. Why did you choose graphic design as your career?

Ana-Maria: I have studied many different things including languages, computer science, and architecture. During my studies, I attended a seminar that introduced me to graphic design. I haven’t stopped loving it since then.

In addition to being busy in the office, Ana-Maria is also busy in her free time. She enjoys travelling, photography, painting, cooking and dancing and says, she always finds time for each of her hobbies.