Published on November 3rd, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Arno Bussmann, Head of Group Controlling

Arno Bussmann holds the position of Head of Group Controlling at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in September 2016.

Arno says he really enjoys his job at FinLeap. Having lived in London (a city full of diversity), getting to know different people with a variety of backgrounds every day is something Arno finds interesting and exciting.

Arno joined FinLeap in September 2016 as the new Head of Group Controlling. As such, he provides the management with up-to-date, accurate information on all ventures that can be used as a basis for decision making. His goal is to create a database that anyone can lean on for information from different departments. Arno found out about FinLeap after some extensive research and a connection with a Head Hunter. Being attracted to unique cities, he decided to move once more to Berlin. Today, we interviewed Arno about FinLeap, his past experiences, and finance. What’s your favorite part of FinLeap so far?

Arno: I love the diversity of my work load. I’m never looking at only one process and one company; instead, I look at all of them and get to know so many interesting people every day. How does FinLeap differ from your past experiences?

Arno: My previous job was at a big, old-fashioned company where processes were more rigid. At FinLeap, I have a diversity of tasks that go at a faster, startup pace which is one of the reasons I chose this job. What made you choose to go into Finance?

Arno: Since I went to university, I realized that I’m good with numbers. Thus, my career choice has been very number-driven. I really think that numbers can be quite powerful as long as they are interpreted in the right way. One of the most important skills to have is to draw the correct conclusions from accurate data. Do you collaborate with any of the specific ventures or do you work with all of them at all times?

Arno: I work with ventures one after the other. Of course, every venture has unique needs, so I have to understand the different perspectives. I have a series of meeting to ensure I get the full view on how the co-founders see their company and how they would like to have me report data.

In addition to enjoying life in Berlin, Arno really likes electronic music and travelling – his last trip was a tour of North East America including Newfoundland.