Published on January 30th, 2017

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Benjamin Brühl, Head of Product

Benjamin Brühl holds the position of Head of Product at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in March 2015.

Benjamin believes that products are at the core of digital startups and their business models. Thus, he aims to work with different departments to create the best product possible for our ventures.

Benjamin joined FinLeap in March 2015. Thus, he is now the Head of Product for the company builder, making his responsibilities multiple. On one hand, Benjamin has an incubator-team role in which he makes sure FinLeap has the skill set needed to build companies. His role involves setting up the design and product team, working with HR to fill open positions, and managing his team through weekly meetings and knowledge build-up. On the other hand, Benjamin serves as the Interim Product Manager for ventures that helps them go from an idea to the first launch. This side of his role includes basic product management – figuring out a problem, its solution, the target group for the venture and eventually dealing with the vision and brand design. In addition, his work involves much collaboration with designers, developers as well as other departments to ensure all the stakeholders are connected before a venture launch. Before FinLeap, Benjamin studied business and worked for two startups. At FinLeap, he has had the opportunity to use his business background and combine it with product creativity. Today, we interviewed Benjamin about FinLeap, his job and his previous experiences. Having been here for a little less than two years, what is your favorite aspect of FinLeap?

Benjamin: What gets me to work everyday is the Product and Design team. In general, the crowd at FinLeap allows me to make personal connections and build friendships, making the environment in the office really great. Besides the people, I enjoy to work on various business ideas over the course of the year. This way, my learning curve is much steeper as the challenges are more diverse. What is the biggest challenge when working in the Product department?

Benjamin: The biggest challenge has to be building a product that people will use and that solves the problem for the target group. You recently became the Head of Product. How do you think you will impact the company at your new position?

Benjamin: My goals are to foster the connection between our ventures, so we have improved synergies. I also aim to define FinLeap’s direction in terms of transparency and communication within the organization. That way, all departments will be a part of the entrepreneurial spirit and will be enthusiastic about upcoming projects. How does working at FinLeap differ from your previous experiences?

Benjamin: Before FinLeap, I worked in two startups. One of them got big really quickly while the other one was much smaller. FinLeap is more diverse with many talents from specific industries such as banking or insurance.

In addition to his job at FinLeap, Benjamin is a huge fan of sports. He wakes up bright and early to go to the gym. In the summer, he loves playing beach volleyball while in the winter he enjoys snowboarding. Apart from sports, Benjamin likes playing the guitar, going to electronic parties and photography.