Published on April 8th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Carlotta Mondino, Intern

Carlotta Mondino is an Intern at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in March 2016.

With a new and exciting opportunity to be a part of the Fintech industry, Carlotta has just faced the challenge of learning new working vocabulary, keeping up with the quick internal changes, and being a part of such a dynamic, young environment. Although her past experiences were also vigorous, she says that the decision-making process at FinLeap is different – fluid, direct, and fast.

Carlotta joined the FinLeap family in March 2016 when she began her six month internship here. Having an international experience in Korea and Switzerland throughout her studies, she brings with her a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen, previous internships in project management, and founding experience through the creation of a career platform at her university. Carlotta is responsible for loads of articles on Fintech, translations of press releases, and merchandising opportunities from which she learns the business from both the tech and customer perspective. Today, we interviewed Carlotta about her first days at FinLeap and her expectations about the new job. How did you find out about FinLeap?

Carlotta: Overall, I gravitated towards a startup when looking for my internship. I heard about Fintech through one of the employees at FinLeap, and thus, after a little bit of research, I saw what a great opportunity it would be to work here. What is the most interesting task you’ve done so far?

Carlotta: I like learning the new tech vocabulary with all the acronyms and abbreviations by translating the press releases from German to English. What were your expectations when you started working in the company builder?

Carlotta: I was very attracted to how evolving the Fintech scene is and what a great competitive agent FinLeap is. I, now, see that my experience here will be very useful because of the knowledge and training I am gaining. As for the future, I expect to learn more about Fintech and participate in the venture development process. What is your favorite part about working at FinLeap?

Carlotta: I really enjoy the working environment and the people I’ve met so far. The atmosphere is great – so dynamic, that I expect it’ll never get boring.

Carlotta’s excitement during her first days here is evident – she wants to learn as much as possible through partaking in new opportunities. In her free time, she likes travelling and exercising by playing tennis or doing Tae Bo. As for her favorite destinations, she enjoyed visiting Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States.