Published on December 22nd, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Gaspar Haznagy, Lead Brand Designer

Gaspar Haznagy holds the position of Lead Brand Designer at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in August 2015.

Gaspar says that the most interesting aspect of his job as a Brand Designer at FinLeap has to be the creation of the basic idea of a brand. He enjoys developing the core of a new venture that can be build on afterwards.

Gaspar joined our company in August 2015 as the new Lead Brand Designer. His job has two main aspects. First, he is responsible for the designing and creating of the branding for upcoming ventures which makes him a part of the venture building process. Second, he and his team provide maintenance in terms of design related to the Marketing and PR of FinLeap and the ventures. Gaspar learned about the company through previous work in the Fintech industry. Before becoming a designer, he worked as a Communication Consultant in Budapest. Afterwards, he moved to Berlin and began working for startups. Today, we interviewed Gaspar about the FinLeap office, his past experiences and graphic design. You’ve been at FinLeap for more than a year now. What’s your favorite feature of the office?

Gaspar: I really enjoy the culture of the office – a combination of diversity, expertise and professionalism. I also like the complexity of venture building. How does FinLeap differ from your past experiences?

Gaspar: From a designer perspective, venture building is the perfect combination between agency work and inhouse designer work. On one hand, it is way more efficient than an agency because you have a daily contact with the ventures. As a result, there are no wasted resources and very quick feedback. On the other hand, it provides me with a variety of tasks and projects, so it never gets boring. Why did you choose graphic design?

Gaspar: I began my career as a Communication Consultant in Marketing and PR, but also had some educational background in design. One of my previous employers had the need for someone who can build up a small creative division, so I decided to take the challenge. I became an Art Director and a Designer. How do you make sure that all fo the ventures’ needs are fulfilled in terms of design?

Gaspar: It is important for a designer to always have an overview of the upcoming tasks. If you’re building ventures and you have a routine, you can predict future requests which helps you estimate how much work can come up.

Gaspar doesn’t only design at the office, but he also tries to be updated on current design trends in his free time. In addition, he enjoys reading good books.