Published on October 7th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Gina Kreipe, Candidate Experience Manager

Gina Kreipe holds the position of Candidate Experience Manager at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in September 2016.

Gina’s excitement during her first weeks at FinLeap is obvious – she is trying to learn the recruiting process as quickly as possible and gain on more responsibilities.

Gina joined FinLeap in September 2016 as the newest Customer Experience Manager, making her Kasi Schultz’s right hand. Gina discovered FinLeap through the network of ESCP. Not only is she working, but Gina is also studying for a Master’s degree in Management simultaneously. Being originally from Berlin, she is very excited when it comes to FinLeap’s diversity as she loves to meet many people from many different backgrounds. Today, we interviewed Gina about her first days at FinLeap, her past experiences, and recruiting. You’ve been here for just a few weeks. What was your first impression of FinLeap?

Gina: The minute I entered through the doors, I felt the working atmosphere – everyone is motivated, trying to do their best and work towards a common goal. So what’s your favorite part of FinLeap so far?

Gina: I really like working with young and ambitious people that are committed to teamwork. That’s the thing: at FinLeap even though we work on individual tasks, we all strive towards a common goal which is really amazing. How does FinLeap differ from your past experiences?

Gina: Apart from much flatter hierarchies at FinLeap, the company has a startup feel that I didn’t have before. People are very open and communicative with one another. Since you work in recruiting, what is the first characteristic you look for in a candidate?

Gina: Internationality. I don’t mean being from somewhere other than Berlin, but having been in touch with many people from different cultures.

In addition to her work at FinLeap, Gina loves to spend time with friends and travel in her free time.