Published on June 8th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Kateryna Kosenkova, Senior Online Marketing Manager

Kateryna Kosenkova holds the position of Senior Online Marketing Manager with a focus on Performance Marketing at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in April 2016.

Kateryna strikes everyone as a motivated and calm person who enjoys her work. She says that her favorite part of working at FinLeap is getting direct access to the founders of our ventures and, thus, influencing their marketing strategy. She also likes the relaxed atmosphere at the company which enables everyone to work without being stressed.

Kateryna joined FinLeap in April 2016 as the Senior Online Marketing Manager with a focus on Performance Marketing. She found out about FinLeap through a mutual contact, and after reading about the company builder and Fintech, decided to join the team. Thus, she now supports the ventures from both a strategic and operational perspective. On one hand, Kateryna educates the ventures about performance marketing, so they can see the clear benefits. Afterwards, she helps set the strategy and online marketing channels for the ventures. On the other hand, Kateryna creates and optimizes all the accounts on a daily basis. Moreover, she brings to FinLeap a very international background: from being born in Ukraine to having studied in Hungary, Italy, and Sweden. Today, we interviewed her about the ventures, the Fintech industry, and her past experiences. How do the ventures react to the concept of SEM (search engine marketing)?

Kateryna: At first, they wondered about the benefits as most ventures like a more data-driven approach where the campaigns are broken down into sections according to the customer intent. Also most of the B2B ventures are at first a bit sceptical about the importance of performance marketing for their business as they are mostly driven via Sales. However, using the right arguments and past experience with B2B accounts management the benefits become more clear. What do you do to provide each venture with the performance marketing strategy it needs?

Kateryna: Before setting a strategy, I always meet with the founders of the venture and the person responsible for the marketing decisions in the company. That way, they can tell me all about the short-term and long-term strategies. Then, we consider the business model and the importance of specific business goals (leads or sales generation). Consequently, we focus on the target audience and decide on the appropriate channels for marketing. The important part is to get good overview and understanding about the ventures’ business models and who their clients are.. How do you keep up with the changing Fintech industry?

Kateryna: Internally, I follow the FinLeap blog and talk to colleagues about current happenings. Externally, I try to follow and attend events and conferences that keep me aware about the current trends. How does your job at FinLeap differ from your past experiences?

Kateryna: The first difference is inside the Marketing team as the FinLeap one is very PR oriented. Coming from a company that had 20 people working on Online Marketing only, that was a big adjustment. Other than that, I love that FinLeap truly cares about its employees and organizes regular breakfasts and other social events for them.

Shown by her international nature, Kateryna loves to travel. Her most recent destination was in the Caribbeans and Miami. Furthermore, she enjoys cooking, attending street food markets, and going to the open air events in the summer.