Published on September 14th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Konstantinos Chaitas, Database Management

Konstantinos Chaitas holds the position of Database Management at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in August 2016.

Konstantinos strikes his colleagues with his readiness to learn everything about Fintech and his ability to react in any situations.

Konstantinos joined FinLeap in August 2016 as the new Database Management person. As such he is responsible for business development analysis. Currently, he is working on optimizing the customer service for one of our ventures. Konstantinos found out about FinLeap through a relative and decided to move to Berlin. His plan is to begin his Master’s degree in Germany in October. He loves the diversity in the FinLeap office and adds to it as he is originally from Greece. Today, we interviewed Konstantinos about FinLeap, his previous experiences, and his job. What is your favorite part of being at FinLeap?

Konstantinos: I love the atmosphere here; it’s full of young, energetic people who are ready to work hard to disrupt the financial world. Everyone is motivated to do his best. Also, I love how multicultural the office is because I get to communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds with different ideas. How does FinLeap differ from your previous experiences?

Konstantinos: FinLeap is larger and very connected to the startup environment. There are also many more projects happening simultaneously which means different time distribution between meetings and work time. In your opinion, what is the key to being a successful member of the Business Development department?

Konstantinos: You have to be able to work in a team and communicate clearly. Also, you have to be ready to constantly come up with innovative ideas. What’s the most interesting part of your job?

Konstantinos: I love that I’m constantly learning new things in a new for me environment.

Apart from enjoying his work at FinLeap, Konstantinos loves to explore Berlin, watch movies and listen to music.