Published on July 13th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Nitin Bhardwaj, Business Intelligence Analyst

Nitin Bhardwaj holds the position of Business Intelligence Analyst at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in February 2016.

Dedicated to his work, Nitin believes that Business Intelligence has a key impact on the FinLeap ventures, especially when it comes to scaling them. There is hardly any industry that has not been bitten by the data or technology bug. We are living in a technology environment and every company is striving to be data driven if it is not already doing so. The financial industry is not different. With Business Intelligence, managers can not only track numbers on a regular basis, but also do real time competitor analysis.

Nitin joined FinLeap in February 2016 as Business Intelligence Analyst. After attending a seminar for ESCP alumni and hearing positive opinions from future colleagues, Nitin decided to pursue a career at the company builder. Thus, he is now responsible for number crunching and reporting while ensuring data consistency and drawing conclusions in terms of actionable insights. Nitin holds experience in engineering and technology plus two Master’s degrees from ESCP. Today, we interviewed him about FinLeap and his recent projects. In your opinion, what makes FinLeap unique?

Nitin: The combination of diverse professional individuals who are motivated to change financial services industry at its core makes FinLeap a unique environment. It enables employees to have a rich, fruitful learning experience and thus, a great work quality. What is your favorite part of working on the team?

Nitin: I have a great team with which I get along extremely well. Also, FinLeap allows me to have access to people: If I am looking for an expert in risk management, for example, I don’t have to look outside of FinLeap. What exactly attracted you to Business Intelligence?

Nitin: I was a part of the Business Development sector in the past. Although extremely crucial and valuable, I realized that it did not have the dynamic nature of Business Intelligence. It was more of relationship building which meant dependency on others. With Business Intelligence, once I have the numbers, I can work with them, so there isn’t a long waiting period. What is something you recently worked on?

Nitin: Together with the Business Intelligence team, I designed a dashboard for management, allowing them to track how the ventures are growing, how much of certain services they are using, and at what stage they need the support of different departments such as Product or Technology.

Evidently, Nitin enjoys numbers, but he also loves sports. At a younger age, he was passionate about tennis and cricket (he even considered a professional career in it). In his free time, Nitin is also a fan of reading and watching movies.