Published on July 20th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Nora Burhenne, Junior Ruby Developer

Nora Burhenne holds the position of Junior Ruby Developer at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in April 2016.

Nora sounds excited when she starts to tell me about her job. After joining HitFox as a trainee in April 2015 and then moving to FinLeap two months ago, she still says her job makes her learn new things every day without ever getting boring.

Nora Burhenne joined FinLeap in April 2016 as a Junior Ruby Developer. She learned about the company builder from a former colleague who also worked in the TechDev department. The move to FinLeap came as a natural progression as the company wanted to gain employees who are ready to learn at more junior positions. Nora’s responsibilities switch often – last year, she focused the majority of her time on Ruby on Rails while recently she started digging deeper into Node.js and DevOps. Nora doesn’t only love her job, but also enjoys life in Berlin in general as she has wanted to live here for a long time. Today, we interviewed Nora about her job at FinLeap, technology, and her past experiences. What is your favorite part of working here?

Nora: Apart from loving the location, I really like the team events such as the monthly breakfast and of course I enjoy working with my team. How do you collaborate with our ventures?

Nora: Most recently, I worked with during the beginning of their developing process. Now, I’m more focused on other projects. What do you like about technology development and how did you choose it?

Nora: After I finished school, I worked in a kindergarten for a year. Then, I decided to go back to university and got my bachelor in Biology. During my studies, I ended up doing a Ruby basics course. And in that course, I finally found something that interested me deeply: programming. So after my bachelor degree, I switched courses and chose to go for a master in Bioinformatics. I got all credit points to begin the master thesis, but I decided to delay it and start shaping my developer skills in the real world. It’s nice to finally be able to earn money while I do something I love that comes with thinking about solutions, never-ending learning opportunities, and a great feeling when a program is running well in the end. What is unique about FinLeap?

Nora: It’s my first job since I decided to go into software development as a job and not just a hobby. Even after more than a year of programming for FinLeap, I can still learn something new every day.

Apart from her job, Nora loves dogs, but doesn’t have the time to have one right now. She also likes dancing (as she is taking a dancing course currently), bowling and takes every opportunity to learn more about development languages by participating in meetups.