Published on April 29th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Rienzo Böhm, Assistant to the CFO

Rienzo Böhm holds the position of Assistant to the CFO at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in January 2016.

The first impression one gets after meeting Rienzo is his ability to always smile and say the right thing. Although born in Berlin, he brings international experience from London, making him enjoy the diverse atmosphere in the FinLeap office. Rienzo’s favorite part of being a member of the team is the different cultural and industrial backgrounds that work together.

Rienzo joined FinLeap in January 2016 to fill the position of Assistant to the CFO. As such, he is responsible for a variety of topics covering fundraising, strategic accounting, legal and finance topics as well as business intelligence. Furthermore, on occasional basis, Rienzo assists the ventures whenever his expertise is useful. Having earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Finance, Rienzo has worked in numerous companies such as McKinsey & Company and Moody’s Investors Service gaining much corporate experience. Today, we interviewed him on his recent projects and his job. Describe something you recently worked on?

Rienzo: I recently worked with BillFront to set up an underwriting policy which implements a framework to provide a rating for the creditworthiness of clients. As for FinLeap, I recently created a cash flow planning tool that takes into account the commitments towards each venture and calculates the individual funding need for the ventures and FinLeap. It was important to see how much funding is needed as one of FinLeap’s responsibilities is to ensure that funding gaps are covered for its ventures so that the ventures can focus on their core business. What is the most interesting part of your job?

Rienzo: I enjoy the variety of tasks that I cover for both FinLeap and the ventures, some of which are outside my area of expertise which make my job very challenging but a great learning experience. I also like the responsibility that I carry for many topics that are sensitive and important. What is the key to providing each venture with the needed expertise?

Rienzo: I mainly work on the FinLeap level as part of my role, but I’m always open to new tasks where I can leverage my background expertise such as the recent project with credit rating. It is also important to bring in new ideas and challenge plans as we all bring in a variety of knowledge and experience. How does your job here differ from past experiences?

Rienzo: I get a lot more responsibility for my tasks as my involvement with key strategic topics is great. Also, the people I work with here are very international and diverse with technological and entrepreneurial backgrounds. I come from a corporate environment with a very structured approach, so it’s nice to see all three cultures working together to bring out the best.

Apart from his interest in the cultural backgrounds of his colleagues, Rienzo likes doing sports such as Freeletics and Wing Chun (a type of martial art) in his free time. He also enjoys meeting up with friends and eating great food.