Published on March 11th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Victoria Berg, Team Assistant

Victoria Berg is the Team Assistant at FinLeap. She joined the company in November 2014.

When you first enter FinLeap’s office, the person you see is Victoria Berg. Being from Berlin, Vicky, as everyone in the office calls her, is always ready to help internationals. She enables every department to work efficiently and ensures the new hires have a friendly welcome to the company.

Vicky became a part of the FinLeap family in November 2014 when the company builder was just created. She learned about the opportunity of working here from a friend who encouraged Vicky to apply. Thus, now, she holds the position of Team Assistant which entails ensuring the office is in good shape, managing the travels of members of the team, taking important calls, preparing high-level meetings, working together with the accounting team to issue invoices, and ordering everything anyone needs for work. Today, we interviewed Vicky about her experiences at FinLeap since the very beginning. Vicky, you’ve been at FinLeap for quite a long time. How does your experience here differ from your past experiences?

Vicky: My job here is extremely interesting and unique because of the number of ventures in the office. These companies are growing and evolving every day which makes my work diverse. I also enjoy seeing all the new faces in the office because they make the atmosphere here young and fresh. What’s the most important part of being a successful Team Assistant?

Vicky: You have to be open minded and patient. Only then, you can hear everyone’s work-related problems and find the fastest and most efficient solution. What’s the most interesting part of the job?

Vicky: I really like that I am not constrained by a department. It allows me to know everybody in the office, because I am the first face to see when you enter through the door. What’s your favorite part of working for FinLeap?

Vicky: By far, it’s the office. We have the luck to work in such a cool office with all the benefits we can get. It’s the first time where I have everything I need at my job.

Vicky is the soul of the office-she knows everyone and is often the person to turn to when in need. Apart from being the friendly face at the front desk, in her free time, Vicky enjoys meeting friends and just having fun. As for her favorite type of food, she chooses Italian, but also likes Turkish.