Published on May 13th, 2016

Meet the FinLeap-Team: Yannick Steinmann, Intern

Yannick Steinmann holds the position of an Intern for FinLeap. He joined the company builder in May 2016.

Yannick seems right away like a very excited-to-learn person. Instead of being tied to a business area, he looks for opportunities in entrepreneurship, and, thus, found the new and developing fintech industry.

Yannick joined FinLeap in May 2016 as an Intern focused on Business Development. As such, he supports a new pre-launch project by helping with the marketing strategy, business and product development. Yannick learned about HitFox and FinLeap through his university where he participated in recruiting days and an alumni meeting. He is in his final year of a Master’s degree and has experience in innovation consultancy, statistical forecasting and business development. Today, we will interview him on the FinLeap experience and his first tasks on the job. What’s your favorite part of being in the FinLeap team?

Yannick: I love the excitement of an early stage, pre-launch project coming to existence. I see daily changes with new ideas and tough decision-making all aiming to make the launch date. What were your expectations when you joined?

Yannick: I wanted to work on a great product with a great team in a great city. I wasn’t so much tied to a particular topic as I was tied to the idea of learning, creating, and innovating. How would you describe your first days at FinLeap?

Yannick: My first days at the office were very exciting. I saw the incredibly dynamic environment in which tech innovators and bankers work together. Also, my first days were extremely informative as I got to learn about all the different FinLeap ventures. What is the most interesting task you’ve done so far?

Yannick: By far, the most interesting task was working on product features and deciding on the design: from the looks to the creation and the presentation to the public.

Apart from being a great new addition to the team, Yannick enjoys travelling whenever he has time. He definitely likes the diversity in his destinations: his most recent one was Southeast Asia while he’ll move to Paris in September to finish his studies.