Published on September 23rd, 2016

Pair Finance: FENCA World Congress

Pair Finance hosts a selected delegation of top-level management of international debt collection companies from the FENCA World Congress for breakfast.

What is FENCA?

FENCA is the Federation of European National Collection Associations – a non-profit umbrella of national associations such as the BDIU. Founded in 1993, FENCA has attracted 22 countries that are currently actively involved.

What is the FENCA World Congress?

The FENCA World Congress is taking place between September 21st and 24th in Berlin.

Over three days, more than 250 C-Level Delegates from not only Europe, but also the United States, India, Israel and North Africa will gather to discuss the new trends and upcoming challenges of the European market. In addition, they will follow the future developments of the debt collection industry together with stakeholders and key decision makers.

Why Pair Finance?

As part of the three day congress, Pair Finance hosted a Field-Trip for 35 delegates to the FinLeap office. The venture presented its digital, data-driven solution to the debt collection space. The debt collection engine is unique, because it learns from customer behavior, offering a superior solution to the debt collection problem. It not only improves and fastens recovery rates, but also offers debtors the best customer experience possible to turn them back into valuable customers.

Pair Finance was honored to host the FENCA World Congress delegates in the city of Berlin. If you want to get to know the venture better, visit them at their booth at the digital conference Bits & Pretzels in Munich on Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday.